Research Ethics, GREE Volumes

Research Ethics: Cases and Commentaries

Brian Schrag, Editor

Volumes 1 - 7 (see below for more information on individual volumes)

Since 1996, the Association for Practical and Professional Ethics has worked with seven cohorts of graduate students and post doctoral fellows in the physical, natural and social sciences as well as engineering from over sixty research universities on a project in research ethics education funded by the National Science Foundation (Grant Numbers SBR-9421897 and SES-9817880). One byproduct of the work has been case studies and commentaries written by participants, generally drawing on their own experience.

The seven volumes include 101 cases in research ethics, along with commentaries, on a wide variety of topics which are suitable for use in the undergraduate and graduate classroom as well as for discussions in seminars on research ethics and for faculty development. Most cases involve some morally problematic behavior in research, but some cases involve analysis of someone “doing the right thing.”

The journal, Science and Engineering Ethics, has published several of the cases and commentaries. Each of the cases with commentaries appeared with an introduction by Brian Schrag and an additional commentary on the case by a participant, written especially for the journal issue. The first case, “Forbidden Knowledge,” appeared in Science and Engineering Ethics, (2003) Volume 9, Issue 3. The second case, “Barking up the Wrong Tree,” appeared in Science and Engineering Ethics, (2003) Volume 9, Issue 4. The third case, “The Gladiator Sparrow: Ethical Issues in Behavioral Research on Captive Populations of Wild Animals: A Case Study with Commentaries Exploring Ethical Issues and Research on Wild Animal Populations,” appeared in Science and Engineering Ethics, (2004) Volume 10, Issue 4.

The following links offer Tables of Contents for the seven volumes.

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