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The Association is proud to offer a a wide selection of books and resources to its members through the Book Resource Room at our International Annual Conferences.

The Book Resource Room is coordinated by the Association for Practical and Professional Ethics. Proceeds from the publisher registration fees, Conference Program ads and the sale of donated materials along with the generous donations from members and sponsors help to defray the cost of this year-long investment of time and resources that is required to create the exhibit.

Each year, we get encouraging feedback like this on the importance of the APPE Book Resource Room:

"...I have found that APPE provides the single best book exhibition room for applied ethics anywhere in the U.S." - conference attendee

Visit the Book Resource Room from the Twenty-fourth International Conference: 2015 Book Resource Room Archive

Promoting the work of members is an important element of the Book Resource Room. Along with the displays in the Book Resource Room, a popular event at the Annual Conference is the Author Reception and Book Signing. Each year, authors and attendees are brought together at this event to discuss the latest publications from APPE members. If you are a member and author, please let us know:

Authors on the program from past conferences can be found in our Archives: APPE Authors.


Publishers and Organizations:

For information on showcasing your authors, recent publications or organization's mission in the field of ethics, please review our Exhibitor Information page.


We encourage you to contact our office ( with information regarding your latest publications to be considered for the Twenty-fifth APPE International Conference in Washington D.C.

Suggestions, questions and comments can be directed to:

Mary EMary.jpg. Ulmet

Book Resource Room Coordinator

Association for Practical and Professional Ethics

618 E. Third Street, Bloomington, IN 47405

812-856-2813 • FAX: 812-856-4969


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