Biomedical Ethics



The Biomedical Ethics Special Interest Section engages members interested in the unique ethical challenges arising in biomedical research, clinical medical practice, healthcare policy and public health.  This inherently interdisciplinary study reaches across many areas of scholarship and professional practice in biotechnology, medicine, politics, law, and philosophy.


Membership and participation in the Biomedical Ethics SIS is open to all including academic faculty, healthcare professionals (physicians, nurses, social workers, chaplains, etc.), ethics center directors, legal counsel, hospital administrators and students.  Members plan and organize the bioethics program track for the APPE Annual Meeting, workshops and special bioethics luncheons with invited guest speakers.


For further information or to connect with the members of the Biomedical Ethics Special Interest Section please contact the Association for Practical and Professional Ethics (APPE) 618 East 3rd Street, Bloomington, IN 47405, PH:  812-855-6450, Fax: 812-856-4969,