New Ethics Video Series from McCombs School of Business


McCombs School of Business

University of Texas at Austin


ETHICS UNWRAPPED: Beyond Business Ethics

Most people wish to lead honorable lives and virtually all employers wish to hire employees with integrity. Teaching ethics is critically important, yet devilishly difficult.

Ethics Unwrapped, a free video series from the McCombs School of Business, presents accessible, entertaining videos for learning how to act ethically and for those who teach ethical decision-making and behavior.

This video series explores real-life cases that illustrate both common and more unusual ethical concepts. A unique tool for professors, the series provides a platform for fostering meaningful discussions in the classroom. Among many areas of emphasis in Ethics Unwrapped is the new field of behavioral ethics, which uses tools of psychology and related disciplines to study why good people do bad things.

Ethics Unwrapped videos, with accompanying teaching guides, is available free of charge on the web.

Click here for the Ethics Unwrapped website.


Topics included in the first series of videos: Ethics Unwrapped

Bounded Ethicality
Ethical Fading

Fundamental Moral Unit

Moral Agent and Subject of Moral Worth

Moral Equilibrium
Overconfidence Bias
Self-serving Bias
Conformity Bias
Role Morality
Conflict of Interest
Incentive Gaming