Giving Voice To Values

Values-Driven Leadership and Ethics in Business Education



Giving Voice To Values (GVV) continues to expand rapidly around the world, in business schools as well as companies and other professional education settings and I continue to hear from faculty who inquire whether we can organize another convening to allow educators to learn from each other about best practices in using this pedagogy and curriculum for values-driven leadership.

Therefore, I am writing to test the interest in such an event. We envision a program on June 10 and 11, 2013 at Babson College. The convening would include an introduction to GVV for those unfamiliar with it; sharing of the latest new materials (cases, videos,syllabi, etc.); the opportunity to participate in GVV sessions taught by faculty from different areas (e.g., accounting, economics, sustainability, ethics, etc); introduction to the GVV Case Development process; time for problem-solving discussions; update on the use of GVV in corporate settings; future-planning, etc.

We envision a fee of $ 450 which would include the core 1.5 day program and meals during the convening. For those participants who are interested, we envision an additional optional half day on Tuesday afternoon for coaching and clinic time to address specific questions and curriculum planning. The fee for this half day clinic would be $ 50. Travel and lodging would be the participants’ responsibility.

If this convening  is of interest to you and you expect you would try to attend, could you simply reply with a “YES” to this email? If you have other comments or suggestions, please feel free to share them.

Thank you in advance. Your response will allow us to decide whether there is enough interest to support this idea.


Mary C Gentile PhD
Director, Giving Voice To Values, Babson College