APPE Donors and Sponsors


2015-16 APPE Annual Drive Donors


This year marks the Association’s ninth Annual Drive.  We recognize this year’s donors to-date in the context of their life-long contributions to the Association, by means of the Societies listed below.  Each category designates lifetime contributions.  There is still time to make a contribution to this year’s Annual Drive.  A list of this year’s Donors will be published in the 2015 APPE Conference Program.

Updated July 1,2015 (Please note: online contributions take additional time to appear on the list below.)


Henry Sidgwick Society

($5,000 and up)       

Derek and Sissela Bok

Michael Davis

Hunter Lewis

Lisa H. Newton

Lisa S. Parker

David H. Smith

Rosemarie Tong


Chairman’s Society


Deni Elliott

The Squire Family Foundation (Roberta Israeloff, Director)

Board’s Society


Leonard and Naomi Block

Sandra L. Borden

William W. Clohesy

Debra Gorman-Badar

Elizabeth Heitman

Rachelle D. Hollander

Robert F. and Joanne Ladenson

Paul S. McAuliffe

David B. McCurdy

Sarah K.A. Pfatteicher

Anne R. Simpson

Gretchen A. Winter

Stuart D. Yoak

James D. Yunker

Director’s Society    

($500— $999) 

James A. Brady

Edward C. Carr

Justin R. Louder

Gregory E. Pence


(Up to $499)  

Marie T. Cahn        

Elaine Englehardt

Beverly Kracher

Josina M. Makau

Charlotte McDaniel

Summer and Glenn McGee

Lelan D. McReynolds   

Kenneth D. Pimple

Gretchen A. Schlabach

Donald Sporleder

Robert Stolick


2015-16 APPE Donor Memberships

Organizational Sponsors

The Center for Professional Responsibility in Business and Society, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - Ms. Gretchen Winter, Executive Director

The Collaborative IRB Training Initiative (CITI), University of Miami - Dr. Paul G. Braunschweiger, Director

The Poynter Center for the Study of Ethics, Indiana University - Dr. David H. Smith, Interim Director

TTU Ethics Center, Texas Tech University - Dr. Ralph Ferguson, Director



Distinguished Lifetime Individual Members ($5,000)

Lifetime Individual Members ($1,000)


Charles E. Harris


Rosemarie Tong

Sustaining Individual Members

James A. Brady

Karin D. Ellison

Robert F. Ladenson

Paul S. McAuliffe

David B. McCurdy

Marc A.T. Muskavitch

Sarah K.A. Pfatteicher

David H. Smith

Supporting Individual Members

JoAnn Carson

James A. Donahue

Jennifer L. Eury

Andrew J. Feldman

Vanessa N. Gamble

Lisa M. Lee

Lisa H. Newton

Elizabeth Cabel Reynolds

Peter Singer

Brian K. Steverson

Eugene R. Tempel

Don Wicker

APPE Sponsors

The Association has had a number of generous sponsors over the years.  Many of those sponsorships have been for the Annual Conference. 

The APPE Sponsors page lists a historical record of the wonderful sponsors of APPE - for the conference and other programs.  

Click here to view the APPE Sponsors page.

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