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Twenty-third Annual International Conference


Meeting Information


The Twenty-third Annual Meeting will convene at the Hyatt Regency Jacksonville, Riverfront Hotel in Jacksonville, Florida on February 27 - March 2, 2014.

The Twenty-third Annual Meeting, open to Association members and nonmembers, welcomes persons from various disciplines and professions for discussion of common concerns in practical and professional ethics. The meeting provides an opportunity to meet practitioners, professionals and scholars who share your interests. The Association for Practical and Professional Ethics was founded in 1991 to encourage interdisciplinary scholarship and teaching of high quality in practical and professional ethics by educators and practitioners who appreciate the practical-theoretical aspects of their subjects. The Association facilitates communication and joint ventures among centers, schools, colleges, business and nonprofit organizations and individuals concerned with the interdisciplinary study and teaching of practical and professional ethics. The Association is also the sponsor of the National Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl held at the Annual Meeting, the 10 Regional Intercollegiate Ethics Bowls, the International Two Year College Ethics Bowl and the National High School Ethics Bowl held under its auspices.


The Preliminary Program is now available at the following link:

2014 APPE Preliminary Program 


Please, see the list of Important Deadlines at the bottom of this page for specific submission deadlines.

A Companion Registration Rate

Tandem_bicycle.jpg APPE offers a special Companion Registration rate to support APPE members and Annual Meeting attendees who wish to bring a non-APPE member companion with them to the conference. Some restrictions do apply.  See below.

The Hyatt Regency Jacksonville Riverfront is nestled on a four mile Riverwalk that runs directly in front of the hotel along the St. John's River, where dolphins can be seen playing in the water.   Jacksonville boasts over 20 miles of tranquil beaches and almost 40 miles of beautiful intercoastal Waterway canal.  It has the longest portion of the St. Johns River, flowing through the city.  The city has many entertainment offerings.  There are 10 state and national parks within the city of Jacksonville, which is the largest urban park system in the nation. 

While conference attendees are in meetings, Jacksonville will provide their companions with an exceptional opportunity to participate in sightseeing tours of the city, see beautiful historical neighborhoods, visit art galleries and museums, and experience this dynamic community. Just next door, companions will be able to take advantage of the Jacksonville Landing, which is an indoor/outdoor shopping, dining and entertainment facility adjacent to the Hyatt and is one of the best visitor attractions in the city and a focal point of downtown Jacksonville . The entertainment complex offers many restaurants and shopping opportunities, plus great views of the city and the Saint John's River, and live music in the open court in the middle of the complex.

Leave the snow, ice, and cold behind and head for the sunshine! For all those suffering with the cold winter blues, Jacksonville provides a warm weather break with average March temperatures in the low 70s. These are ideal conditions for exploring within Jacksonville and the surrounding communities.

Companion registration also provides access to all of the Annual Meeting program sessions including the Keynote Address.

The $40.00 APPE Companion Registration rate is for non-APPE members and those not working as an ethics educator, researcher, or professional who attend the Annual Meeting with a registered participant. Please contact the APPE Office if you have any questions regarding eligibility for the companion registration rate: phone: 812.855.6450812.855.6450 or email at




Hotel Information

Hyatt_Regency_Jacksonville_Riverfront.jpgThe Twenty-third Annual Meeting will convene at the Hyatt Regency Jacksonville Riverfront Hotel, 225 E Coastline Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32202 . For reservations, call 904-588-1234904-588-1234. Identify yourself with the Association for Practical and Professional Ethics to receive the meeting room rate of $135 single or double plus tax per night. Note: The deadline for hotel reservations at the meeting rate is February 4, 2014. **Extended through February 11, 2014**Hyatt_Regency_Jacksonville_RiverfrontRoom.jpg






Transportation Information

Checker Cab

Taxi Transportation Airport Pricing
To and From Jacksonville International Airport (JAX)
$30.00 for 1-3 people plus $7.00 for each additional passenger.
All pricing is for one way transportation.
For groups of 5 people or more please request a van.

Instructions for meeting your Checker Cab at JAX;
All passengers take the down escalator and GO LEFT to baggage claim Do not exit the front doors.  Exit the side door near baggage claim 1 and meet the vehicles at Ground transportation.  We are the only all yellow colored vehicles in Jacksonville.

Taxis are always available At the front door of The Hyatt and are metered.

Click here for more information or to make a reservation for airport transportation.

Checker Shuttle

Shuttle service leaves from the side door near the gift shop of our Jacksonville Florida hotel.
Cost is $20.00 per guest, one-way.

Be advised you must make reservations for the shuttle 24 hours prior to the time that you wish to leave the hotel.  To make shuttle reservations for a return trip to JAX from our hotel in Downtown Jacksonville Florida, please see the Concierge desk in the hotel lobby or call Checker Cab at 904-345-3333904-345-3333 (24 hours a day).




Registration for the Annual Meeting is now open.  Please, click here to access the Registration link.

Click here for the Registration Fee Chart.


Registration for the Annual Meeting for the Association is online. In addition to furthering a greener initiative, this new system will expedite the registration process and provide an instant confirmation by email.

You may choose to pay online using our secure payment gateway, or send your payment by check or wire. No matter your form of payment, your registration will be saved and you will get an instant confirmation/invoice by email. You will be able to update your registration at a later date with specific meeting and meal selections. Simply keep track of your original confirmation email to re-enter the registration site and update your record.



Members who need to pay for registration and membership at the same time, please call the APPE office at: 812-855-6450812-855-6450 BEFORE registering for the Annual Meeting.

Please Note:  When you register with the online link, you will only be registering for the meeting (not renewing your membership.) Please, make sure that you have updated your APPE Membership to register at the membership rate.  Members who have lapsed memberships at the time of Registration will be invoiced for their Membership Renewal.

Those on the program are expected to Register and must have a paid registration, prior to the Opening Reception of the Annual Meeting.  Participants who have not paid for their registration will not be allowed to submit for future Annual Meeting Programs.


Registration Fees

Registration fees are not required with submissions, but are due two weeks after you have received notification of acceptance of your submission. Please note that persons on the program are expected to pay the registration fee prior to the Opening Reception of the Annual Meeting. The registration fee will be paid by the Association for full-time graduate and undergraduate students whose papers are formally reviewed and accepted for presentation. On-Time registration ends January 17, 2014. Persons paying after January 17, 2014 will pay the late registration fee.  (Early Bird registration rates are available before November 22, 2013 for those already planning to attend the Annual Meeting.)


Features at the Annual Meeting

Conversation and Networking at the Annual Meeting


APPE offers a special feature for lunch at the Annual Meeting – Table Topics. At lunch, we identify tables for informal conversation around topics of special interest. Topics may be on any area of practical and professional ethics including such areas as current ethical issues in the news, ideas on how best to teach an area of practical ethics, career options and advancement, or new uses and abuses of technology in the classroom or workplace. Please send us an email to let us know a topic you would like to lead or participate in at a Lunch Table Topic discussion with fellow APPE attendees. Tables will also be available for those who prefer impromptu discussion.

We will publish the list of proposed Table Topics prior to the Annual Meeting on this webpage and we will send it out on the APPE Listserv. The Lunch Table Topics joins our long established and highly successful Lunch with Author option for lunch on Saturday.  We also have additional offerings on Friday, including a lunch with our Keynote Speaker and a Business Ethics lunch.

Ethics Bowl

Eighteenth Intercollegiate Ethics Bowlsm

Ethics Bowl is a team competition that combines the excitement and fun of a competitive game with an innovative approach to education in practical and professional ethics. On Thursday, February 27, 2014, thirty two teams of undergraduates who qualify at ten regional competitions will participate in the Eighteenth National Intercollegiate Ethics Bowlsm CompetitionEthics Bowl Final .



 See our Ethics Bowl link for more information about the February 27th competition, for information about the regional competitions in the fall, and for information about registering Ethics Bowlsm competitors to attend the Annual Meeting.

Colleges and universities across the United States and throughout the world who competed in the IEB's Regional Competitions are invited to enter teams of undergraduate students in the Associations’ Eighteenth Intercollegiate Ethics Bowlsm. Attendance is open to Annual Meeting attendees and the general public.

For competitors who wish to also attend the Association’s Annual Meeting, the Association will pay the Annual Meeting registration fee for the first 70 actively competing Ethics Bowl team members who register for the Annual Meeting, provided that they register for the Annual Meeting before January 10, 2014.

Thirty-two teams will be selected from regional ethics bowls. To enter a team or for more information, please contact: Richard Greene, IEB Executive Board Chair, Weber State University, PH (801)626-6694(801)626-6694. Email; or visit our Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl (IEB) web page.


More Pages of Interest for the Annual Meeting

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Graduate Seminar on Teaching Practical and Professional Ethics

Ethics Center Colloquium

Media Ethics Division Meeting

Author Meets the Critics and Lunch with and Author

Information for Publishers

Important Deadlines

  • November 22 End of Early Bird Registration **Extended through December 1, 2013!**
  • December     Notification of Program Presenters
  • January 6      Deadline for Audio Visual Request Forms
  • January 10    National Ethics Bowl Team Registration ends
  • January 10    Publisher Ads deadline **Extended through January 31, 2014**
  • January 17    End of On-Time Registration
  • February 4    Hotel Reservations deadline
  • February 11   Meal Reservations with Payment deadline

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Annual Meeting Registration TBA


Important Deadlines



  • October 10    Author Book Submissions -
  • October 17    Program Submissions (For everything but Book Submissions and Special Paper Competitions)
  • November 3   Paper Competition Submissions
  • November 28 End of Early Bird Registration
  • December     Notification of Program Presenters
  • January 9      Deadline for Audio Visual Request Forms
  • January 9    National Ethics Bowl Team Registration ends
  • January 9    Publisher Ads deadline
  • January 16    End of On-Time Registration
  • January 28    Hotel Reservations deadline 
  • February 4   Meal Reservations with Payment deadline