Media Special Interest Section

Media ethicists never face a shortage of issues to talk about. In fact, one of the things they find most compelling about media ethics is that new issues are continually emerging. One day, they are investigating coverage of the shooting at the “Batman” movie premiere. The next day, they might be examining the latest reality TV show and the ethical issues it raises. Another day might find them questioning whether Apple is justified in censoring apps that don’t support its company philosophy. And, of course, yet another day might find them digging into the phone hacking scandal in the U.K.

Please, contact the APPE offices if:

  • you are interested in being a part of the Media Ethics Special Interest Section
  • you are interested in being on the Media Ethics Planning Committee for the upcoming Annual Meeting
  • you have a suggested Media Ethics topic for consideration at the upcoming Annual Meeting


Important Deadlines

  • November 28 End of Early Bird Registration
  • December     Notification of Program Presenters
  • January 9      Deadline for Audio Visual Request Forms
  • January 9    National IEB Team Registration ends
  • January 20    Publisher Ads deadline
  • January 23    End of On-Time Registration
  • February 1    Hotel Reservations deadline
  • February 6   Meal Reservations with Payment deadline