Early Bird Registration ends November 28, 2016 

On-Time Registration ends January 23, 2017

Late Registration Fees apply beginning January 24, 2017


Registration Fee Chart: Based on personal income, membership status and date of registration. (Institutional members register at personal income level.)

Members   Nonmembers
Income Level Early Bird On Time Late   Income Level Early Bird On Time Late
Under $25,000 $100 $115 $165   Under $25,000 $175 $190 $240
$25, 000-$40,000 $120 $135 $185   $25,000-$40,000 $220 $235 $285
Over $41,000 $205 $220 $270   $41,000-$75,000 $330 $345 $395
          $76,000-$100,000 $380 $395 $445
All Students         $101,000-$150,000 $430 $445 $495
Member or Non $85 $85 $85   Over $150,000 $480 $495 $545


Note: Meals are not included in the base registration fee (except for the Ethics Center Directors Summit and the Research Integrity Workshop.)  Lunch tickets are available for $39 on Friday and Saturday.  The Friday banquet tickets are available for $50.  These are listed as separate items on the registration form.



Registration for the Annual Meeting for the Association is now being handled online. In addition to furthering a greener initiative, this new system will expedite the registration process and provide an instant confirmation by email.

You may choose to pay online using our secure payment gateway, or send your payment by check or wire. No matter your form of payment, your registration will be saved and you will get an instant confirmation/invoice by email. You will be able to update your registration at a later date with specific meeting and meal selections. Simply keep track of your original confirmation email to re-enter the registration site and update your record.

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Important Deadlines

  • November 28 End of Early Bird Registration
  • December     Notification of Program Presenters
  • January 9      Deadline for Audio Visual Request Forms
  • January 9    National IEB Team Registration ends
  • January 20    Publisher Ads deadline
  • January 23    End of On-Time Registration
  • February 1    Hotel Reservations deadline
  • February 6   Meal Reservations with Payment deadline