Association for Practical and Professional Ethics (APPE) Program:                                    Host Institution for Association for Practical and Professional Ethics

Organization:             Association for Practical and Professional Ethics

Indiana University 618 E. Third Street

Bloomington, Indiana 47405-3602





The Executive Board of the Association for Practical and Professional Ethics (APPE) invites proposals for consideration as the APPE host institution. Proposals can include APPE as an autonomous organization within the host institution or as an integrated program within the existing infrastructure of the host institution.





An affiliation with the Association for Practical and Professional Ethics:


  • advances the host institution’s mission in the core areas of undergraduate and graduate ethics education, faculty development, research, and community outreach.


  • highlights the host institution’s commitment to ethics in the classroom, across the campus, and in the community.


  • creates productive interdisciplinary space for ethics infusion across the professions and program development across schools, programs, and extracurricular activities.


  • strengthens the host institution’s dedication to core values; engages students, faculty and staff; and increases reputation and credibility for alumni and the public.


  • provides unique leadership standing among academic scholars, researchers, and professionals as innovators in ethics education.


  • offers graduate students the opportunity to receive mentorship from and build lasting professional relationships with nationally recognized faculty and professionals in practical and professional ethics.


  • positions the host institution at the forefront of the largest ethics training program for university, two-year college and high school students in the country.





APPE is an international, multidisciplinary membership association of professionals focused on the practical application of ethics in the classroom, the workplace, government, and local communities. Founded in 1991, the association is dedicated to advancing scholarship, stimulating new research in


practical ethics, and promoting innovative teaching methods. APPE is incorporated as a 501(c)3 in Indiana at the request of the current hosting institution, but this incorporation can be changed or dissolved based on the requirements of the new host institution.


APPE is a membership organization with an established revenue stream that supports, in substantial part, the current ongoing operations of the Association. APPE is governed by an Executive Board comprised of recognized leaders in the study of ethics and corporate governance.



Annual APPE Conference

The Association organizes an annual international conference with leading ethics educators, researchers, and professionals in practical ethics.  The conference is a global marketplace for exchanging state-of-the-art practices in teaching ethics to undergraduates, graduates, professionals, and executives.  Its location is selected with an eye to ensuring exposure and visibility in key cities throughout the United States.


The Ethics Center Directors Summit, held annually in conjunction with the APPE international conference, brings together ethics center directors from across the country (and globally) for an intensive review of the critical ethical issues facing society today.  Ethics Center Directors are a core membership and leadership group within APPE, and the Summit provides for collaborative sharing of challenges, ideas, and resources to strengthen centers and their mission in and beyond the university.


The Association also holds a Research Integrity pre-conference that provides a platform for discussion and sharing of best practices in the field by members working in government, regulatory agencies, the academy, and the private sector.


Special interest sections at the conference promote more intensive interaction in specific fields, including biomedical, business, media, STEM, military, journalism, and research ethics.


The annual Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl national competition is also scheduled in conjunction with the annual meeting.



APPE Ethics Bowl Programs

Ethics Bowl is a team competition built around developing skill in thoughtful analysis and deliberation with others on complex ethical issues. Ethics Bowl educates and demonstrates effective moral reasoning and civil discourse.  The competition uses cases developed from current ethical situations that arise in business, the professions, and public service to explore the critical ethical issues facing society today.


APPE established Ethics Bowl over 20 years ago, and today APPE members facilitate three national Ethics Bowl Programs, each targeting a different student population: (1) The Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl for four-year colleges and universities; (2) the Two-Year College Ethics Bowl for community and junior colleges and professional training programs; and (3) the National High School Ethics Bowl. APPE also hosts a widely attended annual Ethics Bowl Summer training institute.



Faculty Research and Development

The Association was founded to advance scholarship, stimulate new research in ethics, and promote innovative teaching methods. APPE is the premier multidisciplinary professional association


bringing together scholars and practitioners from specific fields (business, engineering, government, journalism, law, medicine, science, etc.) as well as those in interdisciplinary areas cutting across professions (bioethics, environment, health care, higher education, research ethics, etc.). The Association’s conferences, workshops and website resources provide faculty a diverse and vibrant professional community.


APPE takes seriously its obligation to mentor junior faculty and professionals in the skills needed to grow and develop their careers.  Chief among these efforts are awards given each year for the Best Papers by Early Career Scholars.  Winners are invited to present their papers at the APPE international conference, recognized at the Annual Awards Ceremony, and given a monetary prize. Winning papers are also considered for publication in the International Journal of Applied Philosophy and the journal Teaching Ethics.



Student Education

The Association is deeply committed to postgraduate research in ethics and ethics education.  Each year, APPE members review and award prizes for the best student research and analysis papers in practical and professional ethics.


Graduate student award winners receive complimentary registration to the Association’s international conference, an opportunity to present their paper at the conference, and a monetary prize of $500.  Winning papers are also considered for publication in the International Journal of Applied Philosophy.


Graduate students also have the opportunity to participate in an “early career scholars” panel that would showcase their work.


In addition, APPE offers a reward for the best undergraduate paper submitted for presentation at the Association’s annual conference.





In 2016, APPE has a base of 649 individual and institutional members, with representation spanning 12 countries and all 50 United States.  Individual and institutional memberships bring together scholars, practitioners and professionals representing in excess of 50 different disciplinary or subspecialty areas of practical and applied ethics.


The 140 institutional members of APPE represent major research universities, professional schools, community colleges, corporations, government agencies, ethics centers, the United States armed services and other organizations that support professional ethics.


APPE members are leading academic faculty, corporate ethics and compliance officers, government agency directors, and professionals across all disciplines. APPE members are advancing ethics education, practical decision-making, and the most effective and innovative ways to build a culture of values in education, business, research, and public service.





Available on request





The ideal host institution’s commitment will at a minimum include the following resources:


  1. Staffing resources and suitable office space to conduct APPE business


  1. Equipment (computers, phones, copy machines, etc.)


  1. Institutional services (accounting, payroll, email, internet, postage, employee benefits as appropriate, etc.)


  1. Website management and IT support


  1. Sustainable business model that ensures the health and growth of the Association






RFP Schedule


Release of RFP:                                              July 12, 2016


Proposal Due Date:                                         Open, but for assured consideration, proposals should be submitted by September 15, 2016



Proposal Content


  1. A cover letter confirming an interest in bringing APPE to the host institution and ability to support APPE as described under hosting institute scope. The cover letter should also indicate how APPE would fit with the institution’s mission, vision and strategic plan. To be sure, this last matter is implicit in #3 below, but it should be addressed briefly and explicitly here as well.


  1. Evidence of the ability to meet APPE’s support needs as outlined in the “Scope of Hosting Institution” section.


  1. A statement of expectations by the host institution for APPE.


  1. A statement of commitment addressing the needs described above signed by a person with the requisite authority (e.g., a dean or provost) to make a binding commitment on the part of the host institution.


All negotiations are considered confidential and should be conducted solely with the APPE Executive Board contact person or their designee. Questions may be submitted to the contact person representing the Association for Practical and Professional Ethics; contact information is listed below.





Proposals may be emailed, shipped or delivered in person to Sarah Pfatteicher, APPE Executive Board Chair.  If submitting via email, please use “APPE Hosting Proposal” as the subject line.


Sarah Pfatteicher, Ph.D.

Associate Dean, College of Agricultural & Life Sciences Research Professor, Dept. of Civil & Environmental Engineering University of Wisconsin-Madison

116 Agricultural Hall, 1450 Linden Drive

Madison, WI 53706 (608) 262-3003



Evaluation of Proposals


Proposals submitted in response to this RFP will be evaluated in two (2) steps. First there will be an Administrative Review to ensure the proposal meets the minimum requirements of the RFP. Secondly, the proposals will be evaluated by the APPE Executive Board to determine alignment of APPE and host institution charters.


  1. Administrative Review:  Proposals will be screened for completeness and compliance with the requirements specified in the RFP.


  1. APPE Executive Board Review: The APPE Executive Board will consider all eligible proposals to ensure appropriate understanding and fit of APPE within host institution ecosystem.  A subset of the institutions submitting proposals may be invited to respond to questions from the board, as necessary to conduct a fair and thoughtful review of the candidates.


It is anticipated that significant engagement between the APPE Executive Board and the presumptive host institution will be required to finalize a hosting agreement. No public announcement shall be made until such negotiations are complete and an agreement has been fully signed and executed by both parties.

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